Microstock Expo is Heating Up!

Microstock Expo is heating up as November draws closer and closer! We have lots of exciting announcements to make, and a reminder about the coming ticket price change.

First, the announcements:

New Panel on Mobile Stock

New Mobile Stock Photo Apps Panel

As photos shot on smart phones become more and more common, and the cameras built into phones get better, more and more smart people are entering the space of selling licenses to these photos. You need to know about, and understand, this space, how it’s going and how it will affect you!

We’re bringing some of those smart people to Microstock Expo to explore the opportunities and challenges of mobile stock photography in a panel session featuring EyeEm, Scoopshot, FOAP, and TWOP.

150 People Already Registered

Last time we ran Microstock Expo we had 154 people attend and we thought that was fantastic for our first event. With over two months left to go, we already have 150 people registered! As over 50% registered in the last two months last time, it’s looking like we’ll have a full house at Microstock Expo 2013!!

Don’t miss out on meeting all the top microstock photographers, videographers and illustrators, as well as representatives from ALL the top microstock agencies who value their contributors.

Now About That Price Rise

In a few days your calendar will flip over from August to September, and when that happens the Microstock Expo ticket price jumps up too! Make sure you register before the end of the month to save yourself almost €100. Tickets go from €355.81 to €474.81, or get 20% off with discount code YES2013. Register yours now!

Shoot in the Masterclasses

We have only one ticket left for the Depositphotos Photo Masterclass with Yuri Arcurs, and a few for the Pond5 Video Masterclass (instructor to be confirmed shortly). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shoot with an established stock guru, and leave with your own released shots from a professionally produced shoot! Masterclass tickets can be purchased when you register, or just email us if you want to book it afterwards.

UPDATE: The Depositphotos Photo Masterclass with Yuri Arcurs is fully booked. There are still tickets for the Pond5 Video Masterclass available.

Hotel Booking Up

Due to other events at the hotel prior to ours, there are limited rooms available on the Friday night before the conference, and it’s booked out on the Thursday. If you’re planning to stay with us at The andel’s Hotel, book as soon as you can.

If you need alternate hotels, we’ve been recommended these:

Don’t Forget the Pre-Conference Activities

We have an afternoon Photowalk and evening Welcome Reception happening on the Friday before the conference. If you’re a photographer or interested in exploring a little of Berlin with photographers from the conference, make sure you arrive before Friday afternoon. And everyone will want to be at the Opening Reception on Friday evening!

See you in Berlin!