Everybody likes to hear about new services but nobody likes to sit through a boring sales presentation. The PitchFest solves this dilemma!

With a strict 5 minute limit, presenters are challenged to make their pitches fun, engaging and interactive. And to create a ‘festive’ atmosphere we’ll be giving everyone in the audience a caffeine and sugar rush via a free can of RedBull! Cheering for good presentations will be highly encouraged.

The presentations that are already planned will include free give-aways, competitions, videos and live demos. This is going to be the most enjoyable 60 minutes of the entire expo!

Scheduled to pitch are: Shutterstock, Depositphotos, ProImageExperts, PantherMedia, Pixta, Pressfoto, XMStore, Exclupics, StockPerformer, Pixolution, Mediastamp, Wacom, Canva and Scoopshot.