Scoopshot PhotoWalk

Arrive early and take part in the pre-conference Scoopshot PhotoWalk around berlin.

The Scoopshot PhotoWalk will be lead by Giorgio Fochesato, an experienced microstock photographer who knows Berlin, speaks German and English (and Italian), and is expert in leading group photoshoots.

We'll have two young models joining us at all locations. They'll have full hair, makeup and wardrobe. You'll be able to direct and shoot them and license the photos on Scoopshot and in the microstock market.

Here's the route:

The PhotoWalk is open to all conference attendees and there is no additional cost.

We're running a Private Task within Scoopshot for the PhotoWalk. If you aren't already a member, sign up and install Scoopshot to participate in the task. Some photos from the task will be shown in the conference PitchFest on Saturday afternoon. You're welcome to shoot with both the Scoopshot app and your DSLR or other camera.

The models will sign releases that will be available to conference attendees on request.

If you don't want to shoot, you're still more than welcome to come along for the spectacle.

Come join the fun and kick off your conference networking early!